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Other Voices: Media Kit and Advertising

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Other Voices is an independent, award-winning, electronic journal of cultural criticism published at the University of Pennsylvania. Founded in March 1997, Other Voices regularly publishes provocative essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, lecture transcriptions, audio lectures, multimedia projects, translations and reviews in the arts and humanities. Other Voices is dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary dialogues while simultaneously maintaining respect for the strengths of traditional academic disciplines. In so far as this publication is successful, its existence questions the role of the for-profit academic press in the normalized process of scholastic publication. In face of real world distribution shortfalls and the exorbitant cost of many print publications, this project shall remain freely accessible to all. We strive to produce quality by utilizing a distributed collective to accomplish all administrative, production and editorial duties required by the journal with a minimum of overhead. In keeping with this the journal is home to a far-ranging group of contributors and editorial professionals including academics, independent scholars, graduate and undergraduate students.


Readers of the journal span a broad group including academics, independent scholars, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students and the general educated public. Other Voices maintains a significant international audience, the majority of whom live in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, continental Europe and India.

Site Traffic:

Monthly site traffic currently consists of 8000-14000 unique visitors viewing 21,000-25,000 pages per month. These numbers are affected by slight seasonal variations, but overall traffic has been steadily increasing since the foundation of the journal.


Other Voices accepts advertisements from organizations whose goals serve intellectual, academic or cultural ends: for instance, academic and independent presses and publishers; conference, exhibit and event organizers; academic professional organizations, other academic journals, etc. To these groups the journal offers a variety of banner advertisement and microsite marketing opportunities.

Banner Advertisement:

Banners must adhere to the following standards:

Type Max Dimension
(W x H in pixels)
Animation Placement
Square 125 x 125, 20K OK Homepage
Tower 223 x 600, 40K OK Interior, Right column
Half-Tower 223 x 350, 20K OK Interior, Right column
Box 223 x 223, 15K OK Interior, Right column
Halfbox 223 x 110 OK Interior, Right column

Animated ads may rotate through 6 frames with a maximum of 3 loops. Flash animations may NOT contain audio. All animated GIFs or rich media banners must be received by Other Voices for review and approval 21 days prior to scheduled ad run.


Microsites are one-page mini-sites linked from a specific banner (or banners) on the Other Voices site. You may provide a pre-coded page or we can create one for you. Microsites are perfect for conference, journal, book series or other announcements where additional display/explanatory space is needed. Microsite pages are included in the Other Voices local search engine and are spidered by the same major search engines that regularly index the content of the journal.

All ads are subject to approval.


All final materials must be received at least 14 business days prior to the requested launch date of your advertisement.


Ad Type Placement Cost per Month
125 x 125 Square Homepage $75
Tower Right column $125
Half-tower Right column $75
Box Right column $65
Half-box Right column $40
Microsites Right column by estimate only (typically $300 + $65/month)
Flash Ads Right column Additional $50 one time fee

Ads marketed right column are placed on all pages of the current issue as well as general supporting pages.

Production services are also available to help develop your banner ad. Contact media@othervoices.org for details.

Audio is not allowed on Flash ads.


3+ month run = 15% off

Not-for-profit status - 501 (c)3 = 20% off any placement

Reciprocal Advertisement Agreements:

Other Voices will consider all advertisement exchanges with print and electronic publications.

For Media Placement Please Contact:

Other Voices
P.O. Box 31907
Philadelphia, PA 19104-1907
EMAIL: media AT othervoices.org



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